· Clip and remove all loose threads so as not to get them caught in the machine which may cause tearing in your quilt.

· Press quilt top completely (backing also if included) so that all seams lay as flat as possible

· Backing should be at least 6-8" larger than top on all sides

· Batting should be the same size as the back (if included)

· Make sure you have marked the top of the quilt with a safety pin and that there are no other pins or needles in the quilt

· Keep in mind that puckers, tucks and stretched areas cannot be quilted out, however, I will do my best to blend them as much as possible.

· Don’t pin or baste anything together

· Pieced border tops should have a 1/4" stay stitch on all sides to help prevent stretching during quilting

Note: Any Additional Comments you may have that I need to know before I begin quilting your top may be noted on the order form under the comment section. TIPS 

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